Massachusetts scraps bill that would ban ‘gay cure therapy’


The US state of Massachusetts has failed to pass a bill outlawing gay conversion therapy, even though the State House and the Senate both approved it. The bill was verbally approved by the state Senate just after midnight on the final day of the legislature’s 2018 session, but a number of technical nuances prevented the bill from being turned into law. Deborah Shields, an attorney and executive director of regional LGBT+ rights organization Mass Equality, reportedly said that a proposal to extend the deadline for the bill was blocked by one of its opponents, republican James Lyon. But the LGBT activists are not going to give up so easily and they are reintroducing the bill against ‘gay cure therapy’ in Massachusetts next year. Reports indicate that the Senate wanted to amend the bill passed by the House, which had taken out a clause from the proposed legislation that had called for ‘gay cure’ therapy inflicted upon minors to be classified as a type of child abuse.


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