Say Anything vocalist Max Bemis is queer


The coming out letter was actually a farewell letter. Don’t worry, Bemis is alive and kicking, but the rock band Say Anything ceases its existence. So, he starts his life from an empty sheet and decides to do it honestly. Under the heading “GAY STUFF,” Bemis, 34, wrote that he had no idea how to call himself. Probably bisexual, or a straight guy experimenting with boys, he still does not know, but uses the term ‘queer’ as the most universal. He was a victim of homophobic abuse and heard the F-slur chanted when he walked by. Unfortunately, it is very common. “I even went so far as to tell people I was also attracted to guys repeatedly. They chalked it up to my bipolar s**t, which was hurtful,” he wrote. The Jewish, New York-born singer, who also writes comic books for Marvel Comics, has been married to a woman for more than 10 years and that is why people had a distorted vision on his sexuality. Yes, he does not go out with guys. But he does not go out with girls as well. He found one person and needs nobody else in this world, he goes out with her only. Yes, she is a woman, but gender was not a reason why he fell in love with her, the musician insists.


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