Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black challenge the stereotype that surrogacy is worse than adoption


Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black have hit back at people who questioned why they chose for their son Robbie Ray to be born via surrogacy rather than to adopt an orphan who suffers without love. Talking to The Telegraph, the Olympic diver and Academy Award-winning screenwriter addressed the overwhelming backlash they’ve received, from homophobic online trolls, to those who said that surrogacy was exploiting women. Lance was shocked to hear it because in the USA there were so many people in his surrounding (and this is cinematic industry in showbusiness) who used surrogacy. These were both gay and straight couples and they have never faced so much hate as he and Tom did after undergoing the same procedure in the UK. And even his British husband thinks the same. Tom adds that nobody would shame a straight couple for choosing surrogacy over adoption because however great and noble adoption is (it really is, they both have no doubt! If people want to adopt a child, they should do it!), the desire of having a biological child is understandable. But unfortunately it does not work this way in people’s minds when it comes to same-sex couples, especially male.


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