Trans student could be expelled from the Mormon university after undergoing the surgery


Kris Irvin attends Brigham Young University, which is owned by the Latter-day Saints Church, and requires students to be endorsed by their bishop to attend. And this young trans man was informed that he would not be given such an endorsement if he decided to remove his breasts. Irvin first attended BYU in 2004 but ultimately dropped out, however they decided to return in 2014 after getting married and having a child. A year later he came out as trans. Irvin previously said they hadn’t experienced any negativity from students at the university, but noted that there was no official ruling at the university that would dictate how to behave with such people. Irvin has argued that top surgery does not alter somebody’s sex, and that they have no intention of undergoing gender confirmation surgery. As well as losing their place at BYU, Irvin could also be restricted from participating in church activities, with excommunication also a possibility. Irvin told the Salt Lake City Tribune that he was really close to graduation.


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