Kelly Clarkson tells a homophobic fan that love wins


Kelly Clarkson has torn apart a fan who attempted to challenge her for being LGBT-supportive. The Clarkson supporter, Terri D Fallis, told the singer: “Sorry Kelly…. love your music but I don’t dig the dikes [sic]…still a sin any way you cut it.” To this the Stronger singer replied that she would not have responded to this because hate does not deserve being noticed, but truth does, so she preferred to educate the user rather than to ignore them. She added that she still loves them, and the fact that they see the world differently and see love differently should never be a reason for hate. The generous and love-filled response, which attracted more than 21,000 retweets and likes, was praised by fans. One wrote: “GIRLLLL!!! I saw that comment and was going to say something, but it wouldn’t have been as nice as you just put it”.


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