Male model says it is hard for him to get a job because he is gay and Asian


Chufue Yang, a Chicago-based model who has worked alongside brands such as HUF magazine, Urban Outfitters and Nike, has claimed that his modeling agency fired him because of being gay and ethnic Asian. He shared his theory on his Instagram page that the problem was in part in his height, he is shorter than white male models, and that is why he is less likely to get bookings. He blames not a particular agency but the society in general. The agency is not responsible for the demand in fashion industry, if gay and Asian models are in low demand, no wonder that they don’t want to work with such models. “What I’ve learned is to not lose your voice in an industry where your physical features are placed above everything else, especially your identity,” he wrote. Not only did an unspecified agency once increase his height to 6′ on his portfolio, which in turn caused him to make negative first impressions when designers and scouts met him in person, but his ethnicity has been erased from information books too.


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