Nigerian matchmaker composes a ridiculous list of signs of gay men


Good Eresh, who describes himself as “Africa’s first certified matchmaker,” revealed the checklist of the signs that, as he believed, could help to identify gay men. The list, which includes having “more male friends on social media than women,” is reminiscent of when Malaysian newspaper Sinar Harian published guidance on “how to spot a gay” in winter. The matchmaker, whose Facebook page labels him “a young entrepreneur and a former fashion designer, says that if a man has many male friends with whom he likes to have tactile contacts like shaking hands and hugging, then he is probably gay. If he looks at men with admiration (though many men admire sportsmen, bodybuilders, actors etc., regardless of sexuality), then he might be sexually interested in them. If a man uses homophobic slurs and speaks rudely about gay people, then, according to the matchmaker, he is gay and has an intrapersonal conflict. And even if a man does not cheat on his woman, then to his mind he might not be interested in women at all, using his wife or girlfriend only as a coverage. Eresh dips into stereotypes, writing to watch out if “he cares too much about how he looks, like female friends you have. There is something about it when he starts to care about his physical appearance.” He continues: “If he praises a particular male friend of his than you the one that claims to hold his heart, trust me that guy could be his gay partner.”


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