Bethany Meyers is proud to be bi, but thinks it should not be an issue


Taking to Instagram, Meyers, who is bisexual and non-binary, explained that she felt compelled to make the post after someone told her that she was a “disgrace to the gay community” on her way back from the MTV Video Music Awards. She is a fighter for LGBT rights, she says that she is proud to represent the community, but some gay people are so biphobic that they think that a woman who is married to a man (Bethany married a bisexual actor Nico Tortorella in March) cannot speak on their behalf and even brings shame to them. But she had gone through the same things as they — she was told by her parents (deeply religious and conservative) that she would go to hell, she was struggling about how to self-identify and how to define herself for others. She said that, consequently, coming out was a “terrifying experience because ‘love is love is love’ didn’t exist in my vocabulary for the majority of my life.” She said that all people, whether they are gay, straight or bi, should see themselves as people first of all, not explaining whom they sleep with and how to call it properly. Bethany has never known that she might need such an explanation, but in the wake of such a bi-erasure she has to do it. “LGBTQIA contains a B. It’s not a pit stop. Bisexuality doesn’t go away just because you’re in a same sex or opposite sex relationship. It’s real. It exists. Bi people often feel left without a community – too gay for straight and too straight for gay – or only accepted by a community based on the gender of their partner. I’m over it. My dear bisexuals, I love you, stand proud and loud for our identity,” she wrote.


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