Columnist says that the win of the trans Vermont Governor hopeful is like a Nazi rise


Mona Charen, who works for anti-LGBT+ think-tank the Ethics and Public Policy Centre, wrote that Christine Hallquist was a man who preferred to dress as a woman, and such a Governor might be as dangerous for Vermont as Nazis. The column, which was printed in Wyoming’s largest print newspaper, the Casper Star-Tribune, and the conservative National Review, says there was nothing groundbreaking or historic in Hallquist’s win, but the media celebrate it like a great thing. She adds that when Hitler came to power in Germany it was also celebrated and promoted like something good, but we all know how it ended. “Progressives have a proprietary feeling about history,” Charen writes. “They are convinced that it ‘bends toward justice,’ as Barack Obama was fond of quoting, and that it will inevitably trend their way. I’ve always found this an inexplicable fantasy, since among other things, the world witnessed within living memory one of the most progressive nations on the planet (Germany) descend into barbarism within the space of a few short years. Where was history’s benevolent guiding hand then?” she asks.


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