Drag Race star Alyssa Edwards will have her own Netflix show


Alyssa Edwards is back in action in a new Netflix docu-series, called Dancing Queen, and the producer of the show, which is set to appear on the streaming service next month, is no one other than the one and only Momma Ru. The show is devoted to Alyssa’s life in her hometown of Mesquite, Texas, where little Justin Johnson [Alyssa’s out-of-drag name] attended a dancing school and dreamed of being as famous as his favorite actress Alyssa Milano, whose first name he was taking each time he performed, and as we see, he still uses it. Texas is a conservative, Republican-controlled state, so it is not hard to imagine how hard it was for a gay teen boy Justin to succeed as a drag queen Alyssa, but this story needs to be shown, for other gay boys growing up in similar conditions to know that everything is possible.


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