Gay man who had his spine broken after Pride gives his first interview and thanks God he is alive


Tom Barwick, a 50-year-old pet shop owner, who survived a homophobic attack after attending the LGBT Pride in London, gave a candid interview to the British LGBT media outlet PinkNews, confessing that he thought that he would not survive. Everything started banally — someone shouted a homophobic slur at him when he was walking by. He ignored it, things happen, he did not want to provoke a conflict. But his abuser had another plan — the next thing the man remembers is his back cracking and his weak and helpless body falling down, and then — oblivion. But still, having a lot of adrenaline in his blood and willing to see his 7-year-old adorable daughter, he tried to get home by train. “The passengers made me get off at Stratford, where the staff helped me into the control room,” he said, “They called the police, but I had to wait three hours for an ambulance, passing in and out of consciousness.” The journey back to health has been slow and painful for Barwick, who said he was in hospital for 10 days, eight of which he could not move at all. “I’ve had to employ extra staff, so I can’t pay myself,” he said. “It’s a nightmare at the moment. It’s completely ruined my life. Life’s not good. It’s been awful.”


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