Gay Republican says LGBT youth kill themselves because they have too many sex partners


Dave Robinson, Salt Lake County Republican Party’s new communications director, reportedly told The Salt Lake Tribune during a meeting with its editorial board he knew of LGBT+ people who had had “over 2,000 sex partners,” and that is why they loath themselves and as a consequence they can take their own lives. He believes that the poi9nt is not in bullying, rejection, shaming, disrespecting and abusing gay people throughout their lives, but in the lifestyle some of them keep, and as a gay man himself he feels responsible for spreading awareness among LGBT youth about how bad it may be to have accidental sexual connections and what are the consequences of following uncontrolled lust. Nobody denies that having sexual contacts with too many people, especially if these contacts are unprotected and these people are strangers, is bad. But if it really were the only reason of LGBT youth suicides, their ratings would be MUCH lower.


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