Katie Hopkins and India Willoughby spoke about transphobic stickers in Liverpool


Journalist Katie Hopkins sided with anti-trans feminist groups, who are plastering “women don’t have penises” stickers around cities across the UK (in part in Liverpool, the mayor of the city promised to investigate it and to take actions). Of course, the Celebrity Big Brother star and the Loose women host India Willoughby, who identifies as a trans woman herself, could not taker it well. “I think she jumps on trans [issues] because she knows it’s the only dog in town that you are now allowed to kick and actually get away with it. She knows it’s an emotive subject and, as usual, she’s not interested in the facts or researching. She’s just interested in getting her big metaphorical hammer and bashing people on the knee,” Willoughby said of Hopkins, adding that nobody brainwashes trans kids, and when someone does, then it is done in a quite opposite direction to what the journalist thinks — trying to convince a trans girl that she is actually a boy and vice versa. If a woman, for example, is cis, there is nobody to convince her she is a man. Hopkins herself is a cis woman, and if she believes in ‘trans brainwashing’, then why does she still identify as a woman?, this is what Willoughby rhetorically asks her about.


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