Queer art exhibition reopens after homophobes tried to shut it down


A queer art exhibition, which was shut down after a number of complaints from conservative activists, necessity to crowdfund (as their financial supply was cut off in the wake of the scandal) in order to continue its work, but the organizers did it and the exhibition is now resumed. The “Queermuseu: Queer Tactics Toward Non-Heteronormative Curating” exhibition was closed in September 2017, just over a month after opening in the Santander Cultural Center in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The right-wing activists demanded to cancel it because, as they believed, it was disrespectful to God and promoted paedophilia. However, the show – the country’s largest exhibition devoted to queer art – has now re-opened at the private School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro, crowdfunding helped to get enough money to make it possible. The Queermuseu exhibition showcases 263 pieces of art by 85 artists, including José Leonilson, Cândido Portinari and Lygia Clark. Any extra money raised from the crowdfunding initiative will go towards educational programs.


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