There are suggestions that Hooter closes branches because young men now like men more than women


Hooters, the restaurant which uses its waitresses’ breasts as a selling point, is closing some of its locations. Queer users say that it is understandable because now there are more young men who see nothing interesting in pretty girls wearing tight tops and short shorts (this is what a chain is famous for, not the dishes), just because they prefer handsome boys. The first suggestio0n of such kind came from a user with a handle @damn_lui. The message, simple and effective in nature, has attracted around 20,000 retweets and likes on Twitter and been upvoted more than 4,500 times on the LGBT subreddit, under the heading: “The real reason Hooters is closing ;).” Users were quick to support the concept, with one writing: “we’re all gay.” Of course it was a joke. Because however many queer men are out of closet now (much more than 30 years ago, when Hooters started gaining popularity), it does not mean that all people became gay, just because people don’t become gay but are born ones. And even if the whole world became gay, there would still be a demand on hot girls — from other girls.


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