TNT Boys performed Bang Bang by Jessie H in drag and her heart was melted


The TNT Boys went on to win Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids. They performed “Bang, Bang”, a hit by the British singer-songwriter Jessie J, featuring Nicky Minaj and Ariana Grande. The boys were in drag, because they were impersonating three female singers, and they won millions of hearts in the audience. And one of those hearts was Jessie J’s. Not only she liked what they did (actually she liked a post on their Twitter account including a video of their performance), but also publicly showed them her respect and admiration, saying that she was very happy to hear her song in such a version and very proud of the boys who were so brave and so talented when they performed it. “The queen, Ms. Jessie J liked our tweet. Thank you so much for your appreciation @JessieJ, it feels like the TNT Boys won another big trophy. We love you,” the boys wrote back.


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