Australian new PM is against same-sex marriages. What does it mean for the country?


Australia‘s new prime minister, Scott Morrison, campaigned against marriage equality, he considered it a threat to the religious freedom of Australians. So, his appointment was not welcomed warmly by the LGBT Australians. Speaking after his appointment, he said he wanted to bring his party back together after it had been “bruised and battered” during a contentious leadership race. The new PM used to say that if there is marriage equality (as far as we may know though far, he is not going to repeal it, so LGBT Australians who were concerned about it can now breathe out), then there should be a law protecting those who oppose homosexuality (meaning that people should be allowed to use religion as an excuse of their unwilling to serve gay people). Morrison, who is a member of a Sydney Pentecostal evangelical church, has also called for parents to be able to withdraw their children from classes where their values are not being protected, and wants organizations that believe marriage is between a man and a woman to be protected.


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