Austria rejected a gay asylum seeker for looking too feminine


Previously a gay Afghan teenager was reportedly rejected for asylum after Austrian officials said he did not “walk, act or dress” like a gay person. And now a 27-year-old Iraqi is denied asylum due to an opposit5e reason — he was to;ld that he looked too girlish. Homosexuality is legal in Iraq, bytr it is a Muslim country where people can be persecuted and abused for publicly exposing their LGBT identity. Since arriving in the southern city of Graz, where the man arrived 3 years ago, the asylum seeker said he has translated a booklet on coming out into Arabic and attended LGBT+ events in the capital of Vienna, such as the Tuntenball and Pride parade. The immigration officials wrote in the ruling: “Particularly striking… was the fact that until the concrete questions about your homosexuality, you did not increase your stereotypical, at least exaggerated, girlish behavior.” The official accused him of using facial expressions and gestures “of a differently sexually oriented person,” but said this was him “acting and putting it on.” They added: “You did not act authentically,” stating that it was “unbelievable” and “not credible that you are sexually different (gay) oriented.”


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