Bisexual actress Mara Wilson hits out at Graham Linehan trans tweets


Mara Wilson has hit out at tweets by Father Ted and IT Crowd writer Graham Linehan, who said that transgender women were erasing cisgender lesbian community. The star of Matilda responded to Linehan, who during his Twitter rant said the anti-trans protesters who intervened the London Pride to spread transphobia were heroes and deserved praise for what they did. During his tirade Linehan responded to Wilson who criticized an article by Skylar Baker-Jordan for an opinion piece he wrote about trans women. “Mara, do we have to be effected by an issue to comment on it? That’s a basic tenet of progressivism, isn’t it, that we do not? And anyway, how does erasing the reality of homsexuality (sic) NOT effect him?” Linehan wrote to Wilson, asking the bi actress what was wrong with her. “And I highly doubt you, Mr. Linehan, (or the people railing against me for suggesting that calling transgender people “mentally ill” implies that mentally ill and transgender people both are to be subjugated and ostracized) are going to change my mind on this,” Mara replied. The writer then accused Wilson of being a scientologist before being taken down by her reference to his book IT Crowd, Mara wrote: “Graham have you considered turning yourself off and on again.”


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