High school student came out to classmates at graduation


A New York-based high school student came out by draping a rainbow flag over his shoulders at his class’s graduation ceremony. The 18-year-old had an idea to come out during graduation but did not understand how to do it until h went by Target where he saw Pride-themed clothes with a rainbow print. “I thought to myself, ‘Wouldn’t it be crazy if I just whipped out a pride flag at graduation?’” he told Buzzfeed. And this is exactly what he did. One of his classmates filmed the boy for social media stepping up on stage to collect his diploma before pulling out a rainbow, striped flag and wrapping it around himself. As he does so, cheers can be heard from the audience, meanwhile teaching staff and other school officials on stage can be seen clapping. The boy says such a response was totally insane. “I walked across the stage with my pride flag over my shoulders and suddenly everyone started cheering for me. I remember hearing my principal and teachers tell me they were proud of me,” the boy said, adding that he is also very proud of who he is.


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