Northern Irish politician accuses UK government of facilitating ‘disgraceful denial’ of equal marriage


Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK which does not recognize same-sex marriages because there is no compromise between DUP and Sinn Fein about the issue. Sinn Fein representatives are slamming the British PM Theresa May because she has a power to intervene in the conflict but she does not do it, even though she proclaims herself as an LGBT-supportive politician.Michelle O’Neill, the Leader of Sinn Féin in Northern Ireland, said: “Confidence in the political institutions in the north was at an all-time low as a result of the the DUP blockading people’s rights and the public were outraged at the series of financial scandals, including the RHI fiasco associated with the DUP amid allegations of misconduct and corruption”. She added that Theresa May as a Tory and her conservative government are supporting the conservatives from the DUP that are halting the marriage equality. “So while the Tories continue to place their selfish party political interests over public services and equality for all citizens, the price of their toxic pact with the DUP is no Assembly and no Executive. But the issues of rights and integrity which need to be resolved are not going away. All roads lead back to the negotiating table,” O’Neill added.


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