Polish gay couple faces abuse for holding hands


A gay couple have told how they were subjected to a homophobic attack by two men shouting homophobic slurs at them on the beach in Gdansk, and numerous witnesses just looked at it without even trying to help somehow. British national James Pickering, 39, and his Polish-German boyfriend Joseph Czarny, 25, who are now in the UK, shared their traumatizing experience with British media. Speaking to the LGBT media outlet PinkNews, Pickering, an investment banker, explained that he and his partner were walking along the beach holding hands, when two men approached them and “knocked my partner’s shoulder, hard,” so he dropped down his shoes and phone. Then the thugs began to abuse the men verbally, in part with an F-slur. When they tried to escape, the attack became physical. Pickering said: “I was punched twice in the back of the head and it was so hard that I fell into a fence. My partner Joseph was then punched in his face and fell over as well, breaking his phone on the floor.” His boyfriend added that it was not even the worse thing fir them. What was really terrifying is that the beach was full of people, but there was nobody, literally nobody, who would react on what was going on and tried to help them somehow. The pair managed to get to a beach guard, who then called the police. Pickering said that they were interviewed at Gdynia-Witomino police station and the incident is currently investigated.


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