Sixteen US states want the Supreme Court to limit trans employment rights


A group of 16 US states have asked the Supreme Court to rule that companies can fire transgender workers without violating the federal law. The move is linked to the case of a Michigan funeral home that fired a trans worker in 2013 after she announced her transition. The federal court ruled that from the point of view of the federal law firing her was an example of discrimination on the basis of her sex, which made it illegal. The group of 16 states – led by Nebraska Attorney General David Bydalek – asked the justices to overturn the decision, arguing Congress did not intend the ban on sex discrimination to cover LGBT workers. The States’ purpose is to note that ‘sex’ under the plain terms of Title VII means an inborn status of either male or female defined by biology, not gender identity. Thirteen Republican attorneys general, including those representing Texas, Alabama, Kansas, and Utah, joined in the court filing.


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