Vigil was held in memory of a trans woman killed in Turkey


Esra Ateş, a sex worker, was allegedly murdered at the apartment where she lived in the central neighborhood of Beyoğlu following an argument with one of her clients, who stole some of her minor possessions and fled. A man was arrested in connection to the crime and charged with plunder and murder, which he admitted to have committed, but he denied it was a hate crime, claiming to be unaware of the victim’s gender identity. The vigil was organised by the Nakka LGBTİ+ rights group and held outside Ateş’s home located, by the way, close to the police station. The protesters demanded justice for those who are dead and for those who were lucky enough to survive. “We know that perpetrators of trans murders are born, fed, and derived from a male-dominated, LGBT-phobic, militaristic system—we are fighting against this system,” they say, adding that those who refuse to support the victims of such crimes would be less likely to resist when something like that happened to them, but getting together we can resist all the evil.


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