Amazon’s response to defaced LGBT Pride posters caused irritation among workers


A number of Amazon staff are angry with their employer, accusing the company of not showing enough support for LGBT+ people as the posters in the wake of the LGBT Pride were defeaced and the company bosses did not react properly. According to an internal email seen by CNBC, on one poster, the “T” in “LGBT” was crossed out and the word “Why?” was added to the sign.Amazon replaced the vandalised posters, and also put up new posters, which stated: “Posters are company property. Defacing posters is a violation of Amazon’s policy.” The company’s response has reportedly angered some staff, who believed it was not enough because the act of vandalism was not investigated and the thugs were not punished. “The proper response to widespread pride poster defacement is not only a policy that prohibits defacement, but also a massive and overwhelming show of support for pride in many forms,” one employee wrote in an email seen by CNBC. Amazon spokesperson confirmed that the vandalism had taken place and stressed that the company “always been, and always will be, committed to equal rights, tolerance and diversity.”


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