Chelsea Clinton says ‘gay cure therapy’ should be banned


Chelsea Clinton has said that gay ‘cure’ therapy should be “illegal everywhere,” after a scandal with Facebook targeting LGBT users with adverts promoting such kind of a ‘treatment’. Facebook officials promised to investigate it as soon as possible but failed to do anything for more than a year. “Child abuse. ‘Conversion therapy’ is child abuse. There are not two sides to this question and these ads – and the practices they promote – should be illegal everywhere. Full stop,” Clinton-Jr. wrote on Twitter. Gay ‘cure’ therapy is currently only banned in 16 US states, and bills tackling the practice elsewhere have faced opposition from hardline Republicans. The Governor of Maine put the veto on the bill which would outlaw this harmful practice in his state.Efforts in Congress to introduce a federal law, spearheaded by Democratic Senators Patty Murray and Cory Booker, have gained little traction.A statement from Facebook said: “We have rejected these ads and they are no longer running on Facebook.” A spokesperson continued: “We do not allow ads that promote gay conversion therapy or that imply personal attributes about people, like their sexual orientation. We quickly removed these ads after further review. While enforcement is never perfect, we’re always working to find and remove ads that violate our policies.”


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