Hillary Swank supported trans actors who fight for space in Hollywood


The cisgender female movie star who reached fame in part thanking to the role of a trans man in Boys Don’t Cry spoke out about the controversy around cis actors playing trans roles. There are not so many trans-inclusive movies, much less than trans actors willing to be involved in them. Swank believes that these people at least deserve a chance. They are still likely to lose a battle with cis actors if they (cis actors) are, for example, more experienced (no wonder, they are cast much oftener), but they deserve at least to have such a battle – to be cast for the role that might suit them, especially now. Boys Don’t Cry was filmed in 1999, when there was not so may openly trans people, they had to hide, and of course, they rarely thought of the acting career, so the producers did not even consider them. But films like this were necessary to show that transgender people exist and to change the view on them, and it worked! Now there are much more talented trans actors who are ready to play trans characters and who deserve to have such an opportunity.


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