Lesbian songwriter Grace Petrie challenges gender stereotypes in a new song


Lesbian songwriter Grace Petrie is challenging society’s “narrow view of gender” and devotes her brand new track Black Tie to trans-excluding radical feminists.She says that women can be masculine, men c an be feminine, and she wished someone to tell her this when she was a child, but now she is mature enough to stand up and say that gender fluidity is OK, giving this message to someone who needs it the most – young girls who think that being a masculine butch means that you are not a woman and you are unattractive. “Being very masculine myself from such an early age, I think I really would have benefitted from seeing someone who looked like me on screen or stage somewhere and knowing that it’s actually okay to be like this,” Grace explains, noting that people who call themselves feminists (meaning ‘supporting women and their rights’) should not disrespect such part of womanhood as trans women and accuse them of somehow offending lesbians. As a lesbian Grace does not feel offended by trans women, people spreading hate offend her much more


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