Airlines allow parents to board with kids only if parents are straight


Jeff Cobb and his husband were flying with Taiwanese airline EVA Air from San Francisco to Thailand on the first of September as they were told that only one of them could accompany the child onboard, though straight families with kids were boarded with no discussion. Cobb described on Twitter how “my husband and I were told only one of us could join our 19-month-old in the family boarding group of EVA Air 27 from SFO on 9/1/18.”. But when the man was reunited with his family he realized that he had been fooled, because there were children with two parents that had a family boarding, the thing is they were straight.An EVA Air spokesperson officially brought an apology to the man on the airlines behalf. “This unfortunate incident was due to misunderstanding. Our San Francisco ground-handling agent understood that only one parent could board with an infant. We have apologized to our passengers and reminded our airport staff and agents about our priority boarding policy so that we can prevent this kind of incident from happening again,” they said


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