Anne Lister’s plaque will confirm she was a gender non-confirming lesbian


The rainbow-lined tribute to Anne Lister went up in July, placed on York’s Holy Trinity Church to mark the moment when she and long-term partner Ann Walker took communion together in 1834 – which, in their view, married them. The plaque called Lister gender non-confirming, but her sexuality was not mentioned, which caused a backlash within the lesbian community. York Civic Trust, York LGBT Forum, York LGBT History Month and the Churches Conservation Trust have jointly announced that they will change the sign’s wording to state that the writer in epistolary genre was a lesbian.The new plaque “will recognize the union of Anne and Ann, which is directly related to the taking of sacrament at Holy Trinity Church. All wording will be checked for historical accuracy by academic experts who have extensively studied Anne’s work prior to consultation,” the groups added, noting that the plaque is to be reconstructed by spring and the public will be given a word about how it should look like.


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