Hikers marched across Massachusetts in support of transgender community


Two hikers marched across Massachusetts to raise awareness of transgender rights in the state, as the law which could protect trans people from discrimination is to be voted in the state in November. This vote will include a question on whether to retain a law, which was introduced in 2016, protecting trans people from discrimination in public places, including toilets, shopping centres and restaurants.Campaigners Mason Dunn and Ev Evnen, who thought up their project #Hike4Rights back in in 2017, walked about 95 miles across the US state from August 12 until August 26. Their route ran from the Connecticut border to the Vermont edge. While walking they were discussing trans rights with anyone they met. They even organized a campaign to get to the highest peak in Massachusetts to wave the trans flag from up there and they did it! Speaking about their aims for the #Hike4Rights project, Dunn added: “We hoped to raise awareness about trans identities, lives, and rights in Massachusetts. We hoped to persuade voters along the trail to vote ‘Yes on 3,’ to preserve or rights to access these spaces free from discrimination. And we hoped to humanize just who trans people are along the way.”


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