The new Australian PM is challenged by a trans kid for his views


A 13-year-old trans kid confronted Australia’s prime minister Scott Morrison over a recent controversial tweet expressing his rather controversial opinion about transgender community and their rights. “We do not need ‘gender whisperers’ in our schools. Let kids be kids,” he tweeted in respond to the newspaper article about teachers’ training devoted to proper naming and using accurate pronouns when it comes to addressing transgender pupils.Morrison was asked to respond to a video clip sent in by 13-year old trans schoolgirl Evie Macdonald who said that there are thousands of transgender schoolboys and schoolgirls in Australia who don’t deserve being so disrespected, especially by the Prime Minister.“I went to a Christian school where I had to pretend to be a boy and spent weeks in conversion therapy. We get one childhood and mine was stolen from me by attitudes like this,” says the girl. Responding to Macdonald’s comments, Morrison said that by no means he wanted to hurt Evie and trans Australians, whom he sent love and support, but he thinks that if a child is trans then it is parents’ responsibility to explain the child (and the whole world) who the child is and how they should be treated by others.


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