Gay student who fled Kenya to escape ‘gay cure therapy’ was awarded


A gay student who was forced to flee Kenya after his family tried to send him to a gay conversion camp has been awarded the Colin Higgins Foundation’s annual Youth Courage Award. Parent sent young Mahad to the camp in Kenya saying it was just a vacation.Receiving the Youth Courage Award also means that he will receive a $10,000 grant. The award is given to an inspiring person within the LGBT+ community who overcame adversity brought on by sexuality and gender identity. Now he studies in New York. He went on a holiday in the summer of 2017 to Kenya with his strict Muslim mother, who brought him to the conversion camp. His mother asked him to withdraw from college in New York so he could be placed under the control of a group of sheiks who would reform his religious beliefs and “reorient” his sexuality and bring him back on the way of Islam (he is an atheist). Mahad told his mother he was going for a walk that night and immediately called a group called the Ex-Muslims of North America, who helped him get out of Kenya and back to the United States, he has not seen his mom or anyone else from his family for a year.


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