Man stabbed his friend in neck after having sex with him


According to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, Michael Drake, 38, went over to the home of 54-year old Mark Kimball, who he knew, in 77th Street North on September 6 to have sex. Afterwards Drake cut his lover’s neck with a knife. Kimball survived and he is able to testify. A resident further along 77th Street North found the injured Kimball on his property with a towel around his neck to stop blood and called the police. By the time police arrived Kimball had been hospitalized because he needed lacerations. Deputies then began searching for Drake when they received a call at about 11pm—approximately five hours after the incident—to a burglary at another house in 77th Street North and the criminal was found there. Police then arrested Drake and charged him with attempted murder in the second degree, he reportedly pleaded guilty.


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