Piers Morgan asks Alan Sugar for a dance


Good Morning Britain co-host Piers Morgan has said that if a popular British TV show Strictly Come Dancing introduces same-sex dancing couples then he is definitely into it, he even has already chosen a partner and it is no one other than businessman Alan Sugar.”I mean the height thing would be an issue…but other than that, I think we could storm it,” Morgan said of his possible participation in the show. By the way, there is a rule in ball dance that a female partner should not be taller than a male one in a couple. But for two men, that switch the roles of a leader and a follower numerous times, height is not an issue at all. He added that same-sex dancing couples would work only when both partners were gay, because dancing is about expressing love and passion, sometimes it even gets sexual. If we talk about tango or rumba – of course (though it is a disputable question – tango was originally designed as a duel between two men), but what is so sexual in, for example, waltz or quickstep? Morgan and Reid also spoke to 2017 contestant Richard Coles, a reverend, who, despite being openly gay, does not believe that producers should change the mixed-sex format because it is a tradition that existed for decades and the secret of the show’s success is stability.


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