Arsenal’s Héctor Bellerín does not think people are ready for gay footballers


Arsenal right back Héctor Bellerín has discussed the homophobic abuse he has received on the pitch, saying fans are very unlikely to support their favorite footballers if they come out publicly as gay. The sportsman is known for his love of fashion, as well as for discussing topics, like politics and the environment, which are not likely to be discussed by the majority of the stereotypical straight male footballers, so it is enough to target them with homophobic abuse. Bellerín, who has played for Arsenal since 2013, also suggested that rugby fans are more likely to accept queer players, there already are some openly gay pro rugby players and it was generally taken well. “Some fans are not ready. When it happened in rugby with the Welsh player [Gareth Thomas], people respected the situation. The fans respected his decision. In football, the culture is different. It can be very personal, very nasty, particularly for players from the opposition team,” said the footballer.


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