Sandi Toksvig criticized TV shows for making women feel stupid

Sandi Toksvig, a joint founder of the Women's Equality Party, poses for a photograph with the two joint founders of the party, Catherine Mayer (R) and Sandi Toksvig (L), before the opening day of her party's first conference at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester, northern England on November 25, 2016. What are we talking about at the Women's Equality Party Congress in Manchester? Wage inequalities, the lack of women in politics in a United Kingdom led by a Prime Minister, but also a "disaster": the election of Donald Trump. / AFP / OLI SCARFF / TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY Edouard GUIHAIRE (Photo credit should read OLI SCARFF/AFP/Getty Images)

QI host Sandi Toksvig has said that women feel discouraged from going on panel shows because women are often made feel marginalized and in the end they are just edited out. No need ton mention that female hosts of these shows are less paid than their male colleagues, Toksvig has a male co-host herself, so she knows what she talks about.Speaking at the WE conference in Kettering on Saturday, Toksvig revealed that she is paid 60 percent less than her predecessor Fry, which she said was the same amount as regular panellist Alan Davies. She adds that the showrunners deliberately cut off the parts when women say something smart to create an impression that they only laugh and flirt. “I’m not shy at speaking up but even I, on those shows, am silenced. And I sit there and think, ‘I could have been at home eating Chinese. What am I doing sitting here?’ And that’s a shame,” she adds.


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