Man crowdfunds to pay for fiance’s funeral


Michael Mann had become well known as creative director and owner of a creative firm in LA, but he tragically died and there is no money to bury him, so his fiance Tyler is now trying to raise money to say goodbye to the man he loves. Writing on his GoFundMe page, he said that Mann had “touched the lives of so many people through his art”. He worked blood sweat and tears for people around him to feel good. In the touching tribute, Tyler said his fiancé “brought the best out in everyone he came in contact with” and that he “always wanted everyone to be together and happy,” but now it is impossible for hm even to have a funeral he deserved, which leaves Tyler totally heartbroken.He is aiming to raise $35,000 and has so far raised more than $7,500 of that amount. He has over 35,000 followers on Instagram, where he regularly updated people about private and professional aspects of his life.


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