Cynthia Nixon lost a chance to become a Governor


The current New York Governor Andrew Cuomo won 65 percent of the vote—winning a nomination for his third term in his role—in a decisive victory against the lesbian actress-turned-politician, who got 35 percent of the vote, which did not allow her to become the first queer New York Governor and the first woman on such a post. Posting on Twitter afterward, Nixon wrote: “I want to thank all of the #TeamCynthia volunteers, supporters, and voters who dedicated their time to championing the progressive message of our campaign. I’m so proud of all the work we’ve done to build a New York that works for all of us.” She said that of course she was upset about such a result, but it did not mean that any other woman or any other queer person who would try o become the first person of New York would not succeed in it. Supporters have praised the star for pushing Cuomo to the left on a number of issues, including taking steps toward the legalization of cannabis and signing an order enabling felons on parole to vote.


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