Anne Hathaway sent her support to a trans 10-year-old


Speaking at a Human Rights Campaign gala, the Academy Award-winning actress responded to a letter from a 10-year-old, who, when she started a transition process, picked a new female name, calling herself Ella. She liked the movie Ella Enchanted, where Hathaway starred.“Ella sweetie, I want to make something absolutely clear to you, it takes zero courage to love you,” said Anne. “It is important to acknowledge with the exception of being a cisgender male, everything about how I was born has put me at the current centre of a damaging and widely-accepted myth,” she said. It is a myth that homosexuality is secondary to heterosexuality, women are secondary to men, people of color are secondary to white people and transgender people are secondary to cisgender people – there are less of them, they are a minority, but it does not mean that they should be less loved or less respected. She has a gay brother named Michael and she adores him, not ‘because of’ him being gay, not ‘in spite of’ him being gay – he is her brother first of all, and whoever he is attracted to, nothing will change it.


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