Serbians don’t want to see their lesbian PM at Pride


Members of Serbia’s LGBT+ community have said that the country’s prime minister is notr welcomed at the LGBT Pride because she is not encouraging progress in LGBT rights in Serbia, though she is openly lesbian herself. Ana Brnabic became prime minister of Serbia last year, and became both the first woman and the first openly gay person on such a responsible post in the country. She attended last year’s pride parade, but a year later, activists say that little progress had been made. Some of those activists have now launched a new campaign, called “Say No”, with the goal being to boycott all the politicians, not only the PN, from attending the Pride because they do nothing for LGBT Serbians.Serbia’s pride marches have a difficult history. After 100 people were injured in 2010’s parade, the interior ministry refused to allow the parade to take place again for a number of years. It didn’t return until 2014. Serbia’s track record on LGBT+ rights is fractious, with Amnesty International saying there was a marked lack of will to tackle homophobia and transphobia there in 2014.


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