Same-sex couples in Hong Kong now have a visa right


Hong Kong has made spousal visas available to same-sex couples for the first time in the wake of a court ruling, however the government insists that it does not mean that the current definition of marriage as a monogamous heterosexual union is going to be redefined to include same-sex couples. In July, Hong Kong’s Court of Final Appeal ruled that same-sex couples who have entered unions elsewhere must be recognized as married by the law of Hong Kong. In the wake of the ruling, the government has announced a revised policy there was an exception for those who want to apply for the spousal visa in the country, but no further. The Hong Kong government confirmed: “From September 19, 2018, a person who has entered into a same-sex civil partnership, same-sex civil union, ‘same-sex marriage’, opposite-sex civil partnership or opposite-sex civil union outside Hong Kong with an eligible sponsor in accordance with the local law in force of the place of celebration and with such status being legally and officially recognized by the local authorities of the place of celebration will become eligible to apply for a dependant visa/entry permit for entry into Hong Kong.”


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