Armed gang lured, kidnapped and robbed gay men they found via Grindr


So far, one man has been charged with robbery with a firearm and kidnapping in connection with the plot in Oklahoma City on September 8. The police believe that the robbers used fake hook-up apps profiles to find houses in quiet residential areas where it was easier to commit robberies without unnecessary witnesses. The outlet reports that at least five victims showed up in one evening. The gang demanded their car keys, mobile phones, cash and credit cards – also forcing the victims into a confined space.They woke up in a garage with no light to discover that they were not the only ones who were robbed and kidnapped by the gang. Five people fell victim in just one evening, according to reports. Neighbors called police with reports of gunshots, while several victims managed to escape and also dialed 911. One victim told 911 operators: “I was just robbed at gunpoint and my car stolen and everything.” Deaunte McPherson, 31, has been arrested in connection to the crime, but police are still searching for three more suspects – two men and a woman.


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