Gay teen sues school for ignoring bullying against him


Guadalupe Paredes, now 19, filed a lawsuit against the Kenosha Unified School District, claiming the school did nothing to protect him from the bullying from his classmates for years. He says the abuse started when he was in third grade, when he was aged 8 to 9, but it continued into middle school and led to serious mental health disorder and long psychiatric treatment. At one point, Paredes says fellow students chanted slurs at him and encouraged him to commit suicide.Parades also says a member of staff told his mother he brought on the bullying himself by “acting gay” and “telling other students he was gay.” So, actually, the boy was told that it was his fault that he was abused. According to the lawsuit, an assistant principal at the Edward Bain School of Language and Art told Paredes to speak to the principal about the bullying because he “didn’t feel comfortable with [his] kind.”


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