Sesame Street faced criticism for not confirming that Bert and Arnie are gay


Fans have been left outraged after the producers of long-running US children TV series Sesame Street said in Twitter that even though creator Mark Saltzman that Bert and Arnie had real-life prototypes – himself and his boyfriend – and he thinks of them as a couple, Bert and Arnie cannot be gay because they are puppets and puppets cannot be sexually attracted to one another. “This is super homophobic and unnecessarily cruel, rethink it,” one Twitter user said. Another wrote: “I’m actually really sad and shocked at this homophobic response from Sesame Street denying the writer’s claim that Bert and Ernie are gay. Sesame Street has featured multiple romances between muppets. I guess the gays aren’t welcome on Sesame Street 😞.” Frank Oz, who performs as Bert, does not think his character is gay, but it is okay for him if the writer thinks that he is and the audience thinks he is. He personally thinks there is nothing to argue about because there is no need to label every person as necessarily straight or gay, no mentioning that puppets also have no need in such labels.


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