Kesha’s new music video features a same-sex wedding


The artist this week unveiled track “Here Comes The Change,” which is from the soundtrack of upcoming film On The Basis of Sex, a real-life based movie about the life of the SCOTUS Justice leader Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a feminist and liberal hero whose decades of work span from pioneering jurisprudence on sex discrimination to legally recognizing same-sex marriages by the court ruling. The music video, meanwhile, features groups of activists coming together in unity. It also features a same-sex wedding, as the newlyweds are exchanging the vows quietly, the guests are waving a rainbow flag. The end of the video sees everyone register to vote, with the clip pointedly including the date of the US midterm elections, November 6, 2018. “I hope the song and the video reminds you that we don’t all have to loom as large as these heroes to make a difference. We can all vote and speak up for what we believe in. We can all have a positive impact on our shared future. If you believe in these things like I do, then I hope you will register to vote and make your voice heard this November,” said the singer.


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