Mike Pence is set to address anti-LGBT hate group summit


Vice President Mike Pence is to represent the Trump administration at an anti-LGBT hate group summit held by Family Research Council. The similar summit was addressed by Donald Trump himself and brought him under fire because no president in the modern American history attended the hate group events before. The leader of this group is known for likening gay rights movement to Holocaust and saying that gay people were worse than Nazis. Monitoring blog Right Wing Watch notes that Vice President Mike Pence is listed as a speaker on the 2018 lineup, alongside Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Trump’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson is also set to speak, though he is listed as a writer and a neurosurgeon rather than a politician. Other attendees listed in the 2018 line-up have expressed unrepentantly extreme anti-LGBT views. These include “The Activist Mommy” blogger Elizabeth Johnston, who claims LGBT+ groups “sneak into schools” to “rape the minds of our children”, internet pastor Lance Wallnau, who believes homosexuality can be cured with cake baking, and conservative commentator Star Parker, who has claimed that the B in LGBTQ actually stands for bestiality.


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