Orthodox Jewish leader accuses pro-LGBT UK Chief Rabbi of ‘drawing sinners to the camp’


A leading Orthodox rabbi has reportedly said that Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis’s unprecedented and progressive LGBT+ guide for religious schools will attract ‘sinners’ to the Orthodox Jewish community. Major Jewish schools including JFS, Kantor King Solomon High School and Yavneh College welcomed the UK Rabbi’s guidelines, but they were highly condemned by Jerusalem in general and the leader of the Orthodox community in part. Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch has reportedly condemned the document as “blasphemy.” According to the Jewish News, the 90-year-old Jerusalem rabbi claimed that Mirvis was “encouraging” gay people in the Jewish community, reforming the Jewish theory and the definition of sin in it. The Rabbi must have known that what is called ‘sodomy’ in the Jewish holy books means sex between men, it is condemned. But it is not forbidden to be LGBT, a man can love a man and a woman can love a woman. We don’t know exactly whether the UK Chief Rabbi based his guidance on sex between men, but we think it is quite unlikely, because it was related to children. So, there is no propaganda of forbidden activities.


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