Sesame Street writer says his comments about Bert and Arnie were misunderstood


Sesame Street writer Mark Saltzman made headlines last month saying that he thought of himself and his boyfriend when he created the characters of Bert and Arnie. The show’s representatives claimed that the characters were definitely not gay because they were puppets and puppets don’t have romantic interests. Twitter users responded that actually they did, opposite-sex puppets were shown in love during the show. And now Saltzman, from whom it all began, says it all was a huge misunderstanding – yes, he wrote characters from himself and his boyfriend, but it is common for writers to bring some of their personal features into characters they create. Yes, these two puppets would die for one another, so close they are. But there is no hint that there might love between the characters in the romantic meaning of this word. If people want to think so – okay, but he never said so and never intended to write a same-sex love story within the show.


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