Keira Knightley thinks Bend It Like Beckham should have had a lesbian love story


The hit 2002 film saw Knightley star as Jules Paxton opposite Parminder Nagra’s main character Jess Bhamra, a teenage footballer who comes from a religious family and her conservative parents don’t believe football is for girls. They become friends, but as it happens in many melodramatic movies (and sometimes in real life), two girls quarreled because they had a crush on the same guy – their coach Joe. They had to play in one team and win competitions, but their friendship broke down. In the wake of Bend It Like Beckham becoming an international success and grossing more than £50 million, fans voiced their frustrations that the girls did not stay together. Even Jules’ mother in the movie suggested it, though she did not seem excited about it. And Knightley, who played Jules, also would not mind for the film to end like this. “F**k yeah! That would’ve been amazing. I think they should’ve been [a couple] too. I think that would’ve been great. We need a sequel,” said the actress.


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